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The mission of the MPSC is to enrich the physical science graduate student experience by providing leadership that empowers and inspires, advocacy on behalf of student interests, and coordination of student run activities. MPSC shall represent and promote the academic, social, professional, and community interest of all students at the UCLA Graduate School in Physical Sciences. It shall serve as a center for student information, communication, and financial resources. It shall act as a liaison with Graduate Student Government and students.

This year we are focusing on the following potential issues:
Housing affordability for graduate students
Public transportation options to and from UCLA campus
UCSA membership for UCLA graduate students
Parking reassignments away from Lot 2 for graduate students
GSA transparency and accountability

Please contact your department's representatives if you'd like to get involved or put forward an issue that affects you! Feel free to attend meetings and participate as you like. We work to serve the interests of all MPSC departments and aim to work for our peers.